Tuesday, 29 September 2009

29th September 2009 - Comparing Platforms


Graphics - The graphics for the original Quake were quite dated and didn't look as attractive as many of the other FPS games available on stream. The Pixels are particularly big and can be distracting from the game play. Ofcourse when this would have been brought onto the market, it would have been state of the art. Physics - The world you explore isn't very realistic and items in the world don't react to being shot at or when you knock into something. When people are shot they just fall and some blood is 'placed' around their dead body. The Sound is very basic with sound for types of guns.

Counter Strike (source)

I'm told that the difference between Counter Strike Source (CSS) and Counter Strike (CSS) is that Counter Strike source uses a more powerful server that is also used by games like Half Life.
Textures are blured in CS when coming close to walls and objects and lines can be seen throughout gameplay, unlike CSS where greater detail has been given. The enviroment is reactive to being shot in both CS & CSS but more so in CSS. The sound seems the same for both models.

Left for dead

Start up cinematics are very good with believable and engaging dynamics. Game is based on killing Zombies who react to you based on whether you are near to them, the AI is good and adds to the suspense of the game. Sound track is good as it serves the games purpose in portraying an anxcious theme. The Guns react to being fired as they pull back each time a shot is fired, as well as a small flash. the surroundings react well with the in-game avatar.

Halo 3

The landscape features bits like realistic waterfalls where you can see the water splashing, and great detail is given to the vegetation in the levels which react with your movement and the wind. The Avatar is able to utilize its surroundings by boucing grenades of walls or using some of the vehicles in the game which creates a different form of game play. AI is good making it more difficult to progress through the levels


  1. 10/10! I really like this :) Well done

  2. I like this but you never mentioned that i told you all of this pfff dissapointed =P

  3. hahhahhaha! "grabbin peeelz!" louis: left for dead. looking forward to l4d2. anyone thinkin its out too early needs to get more vitamin D (sunshine!)