Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Extra Extra, read all about it - Assassins Creed II News

For those of you with a keen eye and a sharpe mind, you may have noticed that (if you've been playing AS2) sequences 12 & 13 are missing, you jump straight from 11 to 14. Did a bit of research on the old internet and came across this...

Click Me

Plus I have just found this...


  1. i just started this game, quite enjoying it!

    P.S. your news link just brings me back to this page instead of to the site with the article?

  2. not strated playing it yet, pretty addicted to fifa 10 at the moment. will be taking it out the wrapper soon to give it ago as i have heard many good things about it

  3. Cheers Biohazard, had a broken link in my code, should work now!