Friday, 19 February 2010

Calling all you Shenmue Fans...

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  1. my god really? its been sooo long! do i even still care about avenging ryos father?

    well my biggest worry is compromise. as long as it feels and plays like the previous shenmues then yes. if its as different as sonic going from 2d to 3d then no.

    its a bad example maybe but u get my drift. things added and things taken that make it feel like the characters were lifted and put into a different game.

  2. No brother, I hear you completely. I had a go on Sonic and all-stars racing demo (something like that)and they include the Ryo in there on his motorbike, so I could be wrong but I think their trying to get him out there again, see what people think and maybe run with it. If they do change it, it'll be the biggest mistake they (slow motions now) e-v-e-r m-a-d-e!!!