Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The New One

Finally, I was there, although I couldn't remember the steps I'd taken. Perhaps it was what the teachers always used to say, 'unconscious competence'. I decided it was just too early in the day to think. Even though I was wearing thick gloves, I still had to rub them together to keep the cold making them too numb. My old thick beige suede jacket helped keep the ever pressing winter chill at bay, November, really was starting to taste like winter. As I looked at the bleak and dark shop window I wondered if anyone had arrived yet to do their days duty. The morning was starting to fill with the scent of hungry people’s needs - warm bacon and burnt toast perfumed the air. As I breathed it in deep I reminded myself why I was here. I wanted to learn all there was to learn; I had to know how it ended, how it began, where my role lay in it all. I wanted to seek the glory that I was never given the opportunity to do in real life.

At last the door opened, the woman smiled, I stepped in, today was the day, Assassins Creed 2.