Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Design for Life at Confetti

1) Respect for other peoples opinions, creativity and work ethics

2) Work Conscientiously

3) Positive Outlook

4) Not to make prior judgement on a unit/subject before understanding it

5) Remain tunacious in the face of difficulty, stay passionate

6) Be punctual, thus showing respect to your tutors and fellow DJ's (students)

7) Be honest, even if it means Kelly rips the absolute P*ss out of you for it (lol)

8) Don't play Oblivion, Final Fantasy, Texas Hold'em or watch dvd's all day when there is work to be done

9) Stay cool and calm

10) Self confidence in expressing views.


  1. OOOO ive been looking for this 4eva

  2. 3) request denied! (unless you have drugs! haha)
    8) you didnt mention resident evil! hahaha (sorry to be the douche on that 1, had to be done!)