Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Web Authoring (24.09.09)

HTML - Hyper text Mark-up Language
- used to describe what a web page should look like
- look up www.w3.org) for information on HTML and other languages
- created so that there was a standard of transferring information onto a web page

HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
- transfers HTML data over a network connection

HTML - Opening Tag
HEAD - Title of web page
BODY - Body of the web page
DIV - Divide
TABLE - Table
TD - Box
SPAN - An area
FORM - Form
TR - Row
BR - Break
INPUT - Always found with in a form element
NOSCRIPT - If there is no java script in page
CENTER - Centres all enclosed tags
STRONG or B - Bold
I - Italic
U - Underline
A - Anchor, links things together
IMG - Start of the name of a graphic file
BUTTON - Push Button
P - New Paragraph
HR - Horizontal Rule
TH - Table Header Cell
META - Java Script (generic meta information)
H1, H2, (etc.) - Headers
BASE - Specifying a default address or a default target for all links on the page
LI - List
HTML - Closing Tag

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