Thursday, 8 October 2009

Monumental Games (homework assignment)

Monumental Games is classed as developer
  • They have a 'Monumental Tech Suite' which powers football superstars (a game developed by Monumental Games
  • Monumental developed the worlds first virtual football world in 2006
  • Developing Moto GP with Capcom
  • Developing the first ever hunting MMO
  • Won £400,000 of awards R&D from EM Media and tech Strategy Board
  • Formed by Industry veterans Rik Alexander (CEO) and Rocco Loscalzo (CTO) in 2005 with the objection of producing MMO games
  • In 2008, Monumental formed 15 Key Partnerships with publishing service partners; signed two third-party game development projects; established an offshore studio in India; now employs 80 full-time staff.
  • The website has terms & conditions on there detailing rights of third party's confidentiality, dispute resolution and termination, etc, etc.
Departments are:
- Software Engineering
- Design Team (concepts)
- Art Team
- Q&A Department (Game Testers)
- Internet/Web (internal & external)
- Audio Visual Department
- Business Development
- Project Management
- HR Department
- Office Management
- Finance Team
- IT Team
- Customer Service Team

With regards to the start-up of the company - Monumental was what they call 'bootstrapped' - i.e. the company was financed by 'work for hire' projects and the profits used to grow the company and build the tech. There has been no equity financing to date.




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