Monday, 19 October 2009

12th October 2009 - Homework Assignment

I choose this job description because I really never even considered the possibility of there being a games studio/company in Amsterdam! (Must just be being really naive!!)

Making games since 2000, this Amsterdam studio has a proven reputation for creating original AAA titles for high profile publishers. Now working exclusively with an industry leader, on their current and next gen technologies and with a major franchise in the pipeline, they are looking to recruit creative and talented individuals to join their determined and experienced multi-disciplinary game teams. Although the studio employs staff from over a dozen different countries, English is the common working language.
My client requires an outstanding senior environment artist is required to create Next Generation quality pieces.
You'll have the affinity with architecture and environments, and knows the ins and outs of level building for games, such as draw distances, culling, portalisation and lighting.
You will construct environments, set-pieces and props, place buildings and objects, will do set-dressing to make the environment totally realistic, and add dynamic and destructible objects to create interaction

Knowledge of shading, modelling and texturing is essential.
Amsterdam EXCELLENT DOE (Depends on Experience)


Some of the bits that I noticed from a lot of the advertisements for game industry related jobs is that the same things came up: Enthusiastic, must be passionate, a good team player, organised, self-motivated. It was interesting to me that no matter at what level you were at or what individual job you might be interested in applying for they more or less all contained these skill requirements.

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