Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Understanding Funding & Finance & ROVG(19.10.09)

-The above diagram shows the importance of planing budgets.

-Students will be given the opportunity to create their own spreadsheet in order to understand better the finance and funding that goes with the planning of the creation of a new game.

When creating a business plan, the following things should appear within that plan in this order:

Business Category


Company Bio

Mission Statement

Personal History


Organisational Structure

Business Strategy

Potential income

Potential spend


Business Plan

Loan Investor Grant Funding

Loan - A bank (or a financial service) loan granted for business use/purpose.

Investors - Normally individuals looking to invest their own capital. Also known as White knights or Business Angels.

Grant Funding - (free money) EMDA, EM Media have this kind of money "Any Monetary Aid"

Useful sources to get information on these are:

- Business Link

- confetti library

- EMDA or EM Media (located in Antenna)

Tax Breaks are any provison of the tax code, such as tax credit or tax deduction, that reduces the amout of tax that a firm or an individual will pay.

'nearly 75% of gaming executives in the uk think that a tax credit would allow them to pursue more orignal (from the the uk) intellectual property'

Advantages of tax breaks are:

1) Less money needed to start up the company/studio/creation of game

2) More attractive to the investor as profit will be higher

3)Cheaper for the consumer

4)Potentially better distrubution channels

Things to consider that tally into finances

Salaries & Benefits

Rent & utility bills


Tech Support


Marketing (advertisement)

Indeminity Insurance (incase money is lost)

Patent or copywright costings

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