Sunday, 6 June 2010

Gambit Chapter - Part One...

''What the hell?" said Gambit "where the hell am I?"

"Ga-Gambit..." Jean reached out with her hand towards him. In a flash, Gambit was on his knees next to her, where she lay on the floor. He quickly pulled off his jacket and threw it over her naked body.

"Jean, what's happened to you? Who did this?"

"Man...Chest-plate....stabbed me.... has Phoenix power." Gambit lifted his coat to look at the wound and quickly got up to grab some paper towls to stop the bleeding. He pushed down hard trying to stop the bleeding. He looked into her eyes, she hadn't taken hers away from him since he appeared. She looked so scared, Gambit thought to himself. He felt a desperate need to help her, but he had no idea what to do. "We need to get you to a Doctor now" He grabbed her body and lifted her up, kicked open the bathroom door and walked into the main bar area.
"My god, what's happened?" asked a man at the bar.
"Someone call a damn Doctor now, she's been stabbed and lost a lot of blood" said Gambit
"It's ok, I'm a Doctor" said the same man "Get me your first aid kit now" The doctor shot at the bar maid. She disappeared and a moment later came back with a large container. She passed it over the Doctor, who ripped it open and shuffled frantically through it's contents.
"Was it the strange man that walked out a moment ago?" asked the bar maid
"I don't know... I sorta just got here"
"Well I hadn't seen him come in, but come to think of it I hadn't seen you come in either." The bar maid seemed to be analysing Gambit, it was understandable he thought with all the commotion of having a stabbed woman in your bar, but he didn't care.
"Anyway, he was strange because he had some kind of device on his chest" added the bar maid.
Gambit's eyes shot up remembering Jean's stuttered words "That's the guy, where did he go?"
"He's still outside, you can see him through the window." Gambit looked at the Doctor
"Is she going to be alright?" asked Gambit
"I think so sonny, though we need to get an ambulance now". The bar maid immediately picked up the phone muttering something under her breath about realising sooner that she should have called the authorities. Gambit looked at the Doctor again, this time noticing how much he was sweating. It was a sign that he was working hard, and doing everything he could as far as Gambit was concerned.
"Make sure you get her to that hospital"
"But wait, you can't go out...." The doctor stopped, maybe it was the look in Gambit's eyes, maybe it was because he knew he'd do the same thing, but he stopped and turned back to Jean.
Gambit moved towards the door and realised he was outside, he hadn't felt like this in a long time, what was it? What was it called? He had never been close to Jean before, but they had always shared a basic friendship, she was different from most people, and different from most x-men he thought. He suddenly felt a duty of loyalty that he hadn't felt since the days of the thieves guild. His mind turned to Scott and wanted to believe that if Rogue was ever in trouble that he would fight for her and defend her too. But it was more than loyalty, it was emotion, it was passion for what was right and just, it was the presence of evil trying to destroy something good, it was about a person with great power using it for wrong. He could feel something opening up inside of him, a passion that had seemed dead, it was almost blissful, the feeling of no constraint, no morals, no principals, just sheer and utter FURY. He was going to explode.
"Hey fuck-face, I'm gonna' rip out your spine and shove it down your throat, you nasty piece of shit...."

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  1. Room for much improvement but I think I covered a lot of it today. You're doing fine Pete, just don't overkill the suspense... It's a hairline to get it right.